Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Does Anyone Have The Time?

Baby Girl: Mommy, I really miss my daddy. When will he be home?

Hausfrau: Honey, he's working in New Jersey and he isn't coming home this weekend, we'll see him in two weeks.

Baby Girl: TODAY???? We'll see him TODAY???

Hausfrau: No Honey, in two weeks.

Baby Girl: Peaches--Daddy's coming home in two minutes!!!!!

Peaches: Spppppppppppppplt. Baba.

Hausfrau: No Honey. Daddy is coming home next Friday, which is really more like 10 days so it really won't be that long.

Baby Girl: (Looking at her watch) Mommy, it is 6-3-7. Are we going to see Gramma today?

Hausfrau: We are seeing her on Friday.

Baby Girl: And we're seeing Daddy on Friday!!

Hausfrau: Actually, we will see Daddy NEXT Friday. That's two Fridays from now.

Baby Girl: What day is today?

Hausfrau: It's Wednesday.

Baby Girl: Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY! He's coming home in TWO DAYS!

Hausfrau: No, no Honey. He's coming home NEXT Friday, not this Friday.

Baby Girl: But I really want him to come home today.

Hausfrau: I know, Sweetie, but we have a lot of fun stuff planned over the next few days. Miss Leann is coming over tomorrow morning with Abby and Baby Ellie so we can have a playdate!

Baby Girl: TODAY??? They're coming today?

Hausfaru: No Honey, TOMORROW.

Baby Girl: No. They are coming TODAY!

Hausfrau: Sweetie, listen to Mommy. Miss Leeann is coming tomorrow morning after breakfast.

Baby Girl: I want breakfast now. Are we having waffles? I really want waffles. And sausage.

Hausfrau: Honey, it's dinnertime. We are having pasta and carrots.

Baby Girl: But I want breakfast.

Hausfrau: You can have breakfast tomorrow morning.

Baby Girl: May I please have my breakfast now?

Hausfrau: No, but you may have your dinner now.

Peaches: MmmmmmmMamamamama. Baba.

Baby Girl: Mommy, is Daddy coming home today?

Hausfrau: Yes. Yes he is.


standing still for once said...

oh honey. calendar issues before they understand the calendar.

Here's what I did ... get paper calendar and stickers. Count out 10 stickers. Have her put one on each day "square" as it passes. When the last sticker is done ... presto! Daddy appears.

(I know this sounds like some kind of type-A Parenting magazine "fun to do project with your darling children before you go completely insane from the idiocy of it all" [insert happy face] ... but visual schedules are concrete, and little ones need concrete. Child really did learn to sort this all out by looking at it. MSWord has calendar templates, and who doesn't have stickers and children? Even bits of masking tape work in a pinch. Just so she can touch, look and do.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Great idea, SSFO--It sure beats pulling my eyelashes out!

McSwain said...

HaHa!!! This post made me really happy that my son turns seven Friday. I think (I hope) we're past this phase. My grandma does this to me now, though. :)

The June Cleaver Diaries said...

I'll be using the calender idea. I findmyself haing these conversations everu damn day.

BTW!!! It's 5 am!! And I'm not asleep b/c we move next week.

MetroDad said...

Too funny, Misfit! I'm surprised you lasted that long. Can't wait to have conversations like this with my daughter.

Candace said...

The calendar idea is good. Here's another one: make a paper chain of all the days till the event. Tear off links as each day goes by. This one worked really well for Christopher, as he didn't get the calendar concept for quite some time.

I'm totally calling you today!

Pendullum said...

Great entry... Lived that dream...
AAAANNND...It gets worse...
My daughter gets so upset when my husband has to go to England on business... and he has to go a lot... She now just hates London England as if it were a person...
How I hate London?
Why does London England need my daddy?
He's my Daddy and its his day(Father's day) why does London England get him???

Melissa said...

Get that girl a calendar. Sheesh, I am amazed you haven't killed her or ran away from home.

So um...when is daddy comeing home? ;)

OTRgirl said...

Whew! You are one patient woman.

kimmyk said...

OMG....I love her. I just love her.

God Bless ya woman!

Kristen said...

Hahahaha!!! Been there!! Yep, you finally just have to give in - whatever you say, kid.

MaryP said...

Calendars and paper chains. You have some smart commenters. I've also used candies. (SUCH a good mother I am.) One per night, doled out before the evening tooth-brushing. When the candies are gone, daddy will be back the next day. (Hmmm... Though maybe this will make her NOT want daddy back.)

wordgirl said...

Okay...that was too funny! My sister figured out how to help her older daughter understand the concept of "days" by substituting "naps". Her daughter took one nap per day, so my sister would just say " three naps..we'll go to the zoo". It made sense to her.