Sunday, November 18, 2007

Snow Day!

Last Sunday we were doing this:

What a difference a week makes! It snowed all day today in Bethlehem! Herr taught Ella and Genna the finer points of making snowballs.


Anonymous said...

Cute Cute Cute... Please do not bring any of that when you come visit. It was in the 60's today...


Kim said...

Ooooh! I'm jealous. This Maine girl loves her snow. Nothing in Pittsburgh today. We had a little earlier in the week so baby Eleanor got a glimpse of her first snow but it was all gone by noon.

Andie D. said...

It was in the low 80s today in AZ. Bo. Ring.

I LOVE these pictures! The fall leaf colors are unreal

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I'm seriously missing snow right now (esp. because I don't have to drive in it, shovel it, or watch it turn black in about 4 hours). Each time it rains here I think "It's November! This should be snow!" Thanks for the photographic snow fix.

red pen mama said...

Great pictures! I missed you.

wow, we did not get that much snow al all!