Thursday, March 20, 2008

Am I Being a Bitch?

Tonight, I received an email from a relative, requesting my address and my sister's because her mother is getting ready to send out baby shower invitations.

My mother, sister and I are waiting for thank you notes for the rather generous wedding shower gifts AND wedding presents we gave to her and her husband TWO YEARS AGO.  None of us got so much as a kiss-my-ass.  

I was raised in a home where we used manners.  I was raised in a home where we wrote thank you notes.  Period. Amen.  I have instilled this habit in my girls.  They may not really know how to write yet, but I write the notes for them or they draw pictures.  When they are older, they will be expected to do them or they won't keep the gift. And as I am writing this, I am panicking, thinking I may have forgotten to write a note for a birthday gift Genna got after her birthday--shit!  

Am I being unrealistic?  Too uptight?  Too Sanctimonious?


Mrs Big Dubya said...

I whole-heartedly believe in thank-you notes....

My husband has convinced me that Christmas is okay to skip because you've exchanged gifts with someone... no need to exchange thank-you notes too, but -- other than that -- I always send a thank-you note, and if we are being honest.... I look forward to getting them from people -- I like he confirmation that I selected a good gift.

I don't think you are being a bitch... I thikn you've got manners and expect your friends/family to have them too.

kimmyk said...

i'm a firm believer in thank you's too.

so didja give her the addresses?
ha, i would've just because i'm non confrontational that way, but i'd buy a way cheaper gift this time too. but that's just me.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Thank you notes mean nothing to me. If you thank somebody in person it is good enough.

Yes, it is good manners but...

I don't know. I'm just lazy.

Mo said...

I am with you. It doesn't take that long to write one and a little bit of thanks goes a long way.