Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cook Forest

We are back from our weekend in Cook Forest. Our friend Jenny from Pittsburgh invited a group of us years ago to experience her family's annual reunion at these cabins and we have been visiting the last weekend in April ever since.

When we started to come as a group maybe 10 years ago, it was a weekend of heavy drinking, poker playing, hiking, canoeing, laughing, reading magazines and books, eating a ton of junk food and staring at the campfire until 1AM. Now, we have nine additional creatures who party with us. Those would be our children. They range in age from almost 10 to 7 weeks old. While it is definitely a different vibe now (on account of the bubbles and sidewalk chalk), it is still just as much fun.

It probably helps that we don't drink so much anymore.

Here are Ella, Ava, Genna and Flora probably planning a takeover of the junk food.

Herr and Genna playing in the stream


Lumpyheadsmom said...


kimmyk said...

how sweet.
and i love the photo of the girls together. nice they all appear to be the same age.

it's good to get back to nature.

red pen mama said...

re: take-over picture:

Or, more likely, the world.

It was an awesome weekend. So much fun seeing you and catching up.

Can't wait to do it again!