Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fastest Month Ever

The month of July is going by with lightning speed.  When I really think about how fast it is going, I start to panic.  There is so much to do and seemingly NOT enough time to do it.  Ever since we bought our house in TN, we have been running around and making lists, going through the house to figure out what we don't need to bring with us, giving stuff away, etc.  The movers come a week from today and will pack.  We will get in the car on Wednesday of next week and start a new adventure.  Needless to say, I am freaking the fuck out.

While this move is all very exciting, and Herr's new job is a true opportunity of a lifetime, my summer has gone to absolute shit.  You see, we were supposed to be going to Hawaii this week with our friends to celebrate our anniversaries--our 15th, and our friends' 10th.  I also missed my annual Girlie Weekend because we have too much to do.  Fortunately, my girlfriends from Pittsburgh flew in last Thursday night and I got to spend the night with them before they headed off to Rehoboth and I headed back to Bethlehem.  We had dinner at a very yummy restaurant in Philadelphia called, El Vez and laughed for several hours.  My friend Dawn chronicled Girlie Weekend here.  I did cry a little bit for missing it.  Even though my Pittsburgh friends aren't nearby now, they will be even further away, and I know I will rarely see them.

This weekend was filled with birthday parties and our "Eat What's in Our Freezer" Party. Frankly, it's sad that we have had that party more than once.  If nothing else, it was a great excuse for us to have our friends over to see us one more time before we go.  We cleaned out our garage freezer and have only a little bit of food left that will last us through this week.

My work has been keeping me very busy, which I think is ultimately a good thing since it allows me to think about something other than our move.  I got word that I will continue working for my company from home, which is wonderful.  It will be a challenge as I am a social creature and need to be around people, but I will figure out a way to make it work.  My co-workers surprised me today with the my favorite kind of box.  In it was a beautiful bead bracelet.  Of course, I got verklempt.

With all of our rushing around, I realized last week that I had forgotten to check out our new address on to make sure we didn't have any predators living nearby. We have always been really diligent about researching when we have moved to a new community.  Imagine my horror when I discovered that we have a registered offender ON OUR STREET.  I guess in the back of my head I was thinking  that no one in this nice, brandy-new neighborhhood could POSSIBLY be a registered offender.  Herr spent the entire evening talking me off the ledge. The next morning, he called me while I was on my way to work to tell me that the Predator's house is actually for sale.  Thank goodness.  I made sure to sign up for alerts to be sent to my email in case any more move in.

The rest of this week will continue to be busy. It will be filled with the annoying tasks of obtaining records we need, scheduling last-minute doctor appointments in order to get prescriptions,  servicing cars, tying up loose ends, getting things signed and notarized, etc.  I have to get the girls' immunization records so that we can submit them to their respective schools the minute we get there. Kindergarten is SO EARLY down there (August 11) that we haven't much time to get Ella situated.  This weekend will involve one last birthday party and several more goodbyes.  And more crying on my part.


Kia said...

Wow. Such a big move with so many interlocking issues. I can't even imagine having to make a move so big, as I've always lived in or around one major city. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you and your family!

Mike said...

I love the idea of a "eat what's in the fridge" party! Will have to try that one!

Mike said...

I mean...freezer party!!!