Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Got Nothin'

Things are pretty quiet here at Hausfrau Haus this week. I have been setting things aside for the Vietnam Vets to pick up on Friday since I don't want to do another cross-country move with a bunch of crap that we don't need. It's amazing how the stuff just piles up. Since we've only been in Ohio 10 months, we haven't had too much time to get completely overrun with crap, so it's manageable.

Herr Hausfrau is doing telephone interviews at a rapid pace. He also heard back from his former boss at his old company on Monday. He got approval to bring Herr back to the company. At this point, it will take about a month to put together the HR approvals and put an offer together. That is a good thing as it will give Herr more time to do some second interviews with other companies to see if there is something better.

Hmmm, what else. Oh yeah! The NJ company I still occasionally work for just moved into a new building within the same complex as their previous office. It took my friend about 12 minutes to realize that there was something strange going on in the office across the hall. She noticed that there were men hanging out in front of the other office door, ringing a DOORBELL! She decided to go across the hall to introduce herself, but the two Russian ladies who answered the door wouldn't let her in. They informed her that the company is a massage parlor. My friend went online to Google the name of their company and discovered a message board that was VERY informative: "$60 at the door, $100 in the back." "They get on top." You get the picture. The HR department in our company is horrified and wants to call the cops right away. My friend is worried because the girls' cars have NY plates and she is not comfortable messing around with what she thinks could be the Russian Mob. What makes this so weird is that these offices are in such a cute little town. It's crazy that it's there. Obviously, there is a market...

The best part of my week is going to be the road trip I am taking with Baby Girl on Friday. We are driving up to see June Cleaver for a long weekend. I am looking forward to spending quality time with my best friend, before we are both seperated by a lot more miles since she is moving to Canada and we are moving to Hell Knows Where. I am anticipating lots of girl talk, alcohol consumption (after children are in bed) and perhaps some shoe shopping. Yay for me! It should also be interesting for Peaches in that not only will I be away from her, but so will her sister. I am pretty sure I am getting the better end of the deal. Fortunately for Herr, his mother is coming on Thursday to help out while I am gone. I have no doubt that I will come back and Peaches will have a brand new wardrobe, all new toys and will be saying her first words, "chicken nuggets" and "diet coke."


L. said...

We moved so much crap across AN OCEAN that we were charged $1,000 extra because our shipment was so overweight. Having crap around is bad enough -- paying big bucks to transport crap officially makes us stupid.

Enjoy your road trip, and think of me enving you.

Stevo said...

A "massage" parlor in an office building! This really is an outrage & should be investigated!

What's the address & when do they open????

kimmyk said...

Man I dunno bout the Russian Mafia givin me a rub down. Break a leg? No thanks.

Don't forget the "fry-fries" Peaches!!!

stefanierj said...

Have fun, girlies!!

Ok, I thought the Russian Mob was bad in *Poland*, but sheesh, at least that's KIND of more geographically understandable. But New Jersey??

And I feel your efforts to get de-stuff-led in prep for the move. I actually asked the prospective moving companies if I could get extra discounts if all my stuff packed flat, since it came from IKEA. Ha ha!

wordgirl said...

You need some time away. Tell June "hey" for us and drive safely. Or fly. Hoist a drink for me!

Kristen said...

Have a great trip! I took my older son on a trip over the holidays this year, and we had a great time. Kids are different when they're not around their younger siblings. Enjoy it!

And that massage parlor? Yikes.

AdventureDad said...

Sounds like everything is working out nicely. Downisde might be that you have to get into the NJ housing mkt again. You think moving acress US is hard, try moving to another continetn with all your stuff.
Enjoy your road trip and make sure you drink plenty of alcohol!

Nice weekend


CroutonBoy said...

Massage parlor, eh? What's the address?

Seriously, glad to hear there's progress on the job front. Good luck!

JustLinda said...

Enjoy your time away! The babies always miss us, but the reunion at the end makes it all worth it.

When you get a minute, could you update your link to me? I'm now at http://justlinda.net -- thanks!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Hope you're having a good time on your girls weekend! :)

Dan said...

You know I would be a little concerned about reporting the action going on. I think the company should complain to the landlord. It can affect the company's reputation being in a building with sleazy tenants nearby. It's obvious that this is not what the company was expecting when it moved in. I do not think the employess want to worry about what type of men are coming and going from the building. I think protestinng to the landlord is the way to go. In the long run suing the landlord if necessary.

Usually in NYC when a landlord has trouble attracting tenants then the landlord has to look at potential tenants that would never be considered otherwise.

One arguement for the landlord could be stating that your company is the type of tenant that the landlord would want to attract, and with your ocmpany there, the landlord can attract a higher calibre of tenants perhaps.