Sunday, May 06, 2007

April with Hausfrau--a Pictoral Review

The month of April FLEW by and now we are into May. So much happened! When we haven't been working, Herr and I have been busy working in our yard. We had hired a landscaper to do our backyard a few weeks ago, but he never showed up and couldn't remember who we are, and cashed our check anyway. After fighting to get the money back, we are now doing it on our own, which is fine, just not part of the plan.

Our month hasn't been all bad--not by a long shot! Our friends came to visit from Maine and we did some of this:

These, my friends, are Mojitos--made by our friend Joe. And yes it was 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon.

Last weekend we went camping in Cook Forest up in Clarion County, PA. We met up with our Pittsburgh friends and our friends from New Jersey and had a blast.

There is a stocked pond near our cabins where children are allowed to fish. The girls had so much fun fighting over sharing a fishing pole and trying to get a fish. Genna had a blast exploring with her friend Ava too.

While the guys played poker at the "Fart Shack" (the cabin designated for such activities) we girls and kids played cut-throat Chinese Jump Rope, which I haven't done since 4th Grade. So much fun.

This weekend was spent working on our yard since the landscapers will not be coming. It will be slow going, but we are making progress.

The next couple of weeks will be pretty busy as my MIL will be coming this week (on Herr's birthday) and I have my aunt and uncle from Alaska visiting next week. Before you know it, Memorial Day Weekend will be here!


wordgirl said...

We've only now started the yardwork here. Mainly because it snowed in March and almost every weekend in April has produced tornadic weather and flooding. When we do finish I promise there will be pictures.

stefanierj said...

UGH How did it get to be MAY already???

Your yard looks lover-ly so far. Good luck with it, and let me know if you find any misplaced desert species up there in NJ....we need ideas.

The June Cleaver Diaries said...

OMG!! I love that picture of Genna and Ava!!!

Good job on the landscaping, guys. It really looks great.

Meanwhile, two of the plants from our job are already circling the drin--- after 2 days.

Dutch said...

that tree!

Andie D. said...

Dude, that's you in the glasses, right? Is that you? Really YOU? Please tell me that's YOU!

kimmyk said...

we've just started working on our yard here too. i'm enjoying it-i didn't think i would, but i am.

hope all works out with your job...sounds stressful!

cape buffalo said...

looks like so much fun!