Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Knew This Would Happen Eventually

Overheard last night after scolding Genna for being fresh:
"Ella, Mommy is so mean. She is not going to be my friend anymore and she can't come to my private party. Hey Ella, only you and Linus and Bosco are coming to my private party. And Mommy and Daddy. Oh, no. Mommy can't come cuz she's so mean. Come on Ella, my party is downstairs."

What three-year-old has a private party?


Lumpyheadsmom said...

A very fresh one.

You think she'll let me come?

Andie D. said...

I LOVE YOUR SEATTLE PICS! You are so pretty!!

Did you try some reverse psychology on Genna? "I don't want to go to your party anyway!" I must be pretty immature, because that was the first thing I thought of. ;)

kimmyk said...

dude, she is so not inviting you to her snazzy private tea get together it appears.


yeah, kids. gotta love 'em. but just will be her best friend all over again when its snack time.

cause that's how kids roll. they're fickle...

Anonymous said...

Monkey is right about here. She is not verbally dissing me (yet), she'll just go off and "read" by herself or something when she's upset at me. What three-year-old gives the cold shoulder?? So my daughter.

They do warm up again. Especially if there are cookies involved.