Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Genna Turned Three!

Genna had her birthday party on Saturday. She was pretty pleased with herself. Despite some coaching with Ella over several days, she still managed to forget that she had a birthday a couple of months earlier. She got pretty jealous of some of Genna's loot--particularly a Tinkerbell Doll. Ella went on and on about the doll and asked me to leave the party and buy one right that minute. After I told her to chill out, she asked if she could have one for her birthday. I told her that if she still wanted one 10 months from now, maybe she would. Then she asked who bought it. When I told her that our neighbors, Lori and Brian purchased, she walked over to them and asked if they would buy one for her when it was her birthday. At least she asked with manners--at least I think she did.

Herr and I are off to Seattle in about an hour. Sans children. Awwww yeah.
We'll be back Monday morning.


MetroDad said...

Dude! A Hello Kitty birthday cake? If my daughter ever saw that, I think her head would explode from excitement. Did you make it yourself?

Happy birthday, Genna!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday to ther big girl. Have a coffee at Vivaci for me!

red pen mama said...

Cute pics! Congrats on turning 3, Genna.

Let the real fun begin.

Yeah, I think Flora plays with more of Kate's toys than her toys at this point. Oh, well. At least Kate is still blissfully unaware of the "mine!" principle. I have another year or so on that, right??


Lumpyheadsmom said...

Happy Birthday, Genna. And Happy Seattle, Hausfrau!