Thursday, June 26, 2008

And So It Begins

Well, after nearly two months of keeping the house "show ready" and chasing after the girls with Windex to wash their fingerprints off of the sliding glass door, we have received an offer on the house.  The offer is nothing less than shitty, but we are lucky to be getting additional monies from Herr's new employer to cover the loss.  Here's the catch:  the buyers want to close on July 31.  As in 4 weeks from now.

Herr and I are flying to Nashville on Saturday to find a house,  but not before I go see Dave Matthews with my girlfriends tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I found your website thru the comments on the 50 fun things to do in Nashville. I live in Nashville & have all my life. I want to welcome you all here. I think you will love it!

I am really interested in what happened with Nathanial. My oldest son had fiberal seizures when he was young. They are very scary. We called an ambulance the first time because he wasn't breathing & turning blue. The police arrived before the ambulance and we got him breathing again by putting cold towels on him. The doctor in the emergency room told me that fiberal seizures are not serious & even though he looked like he wasn't breathing he really was. I told him that my son turned blue. They assured me it wasn't anything to call an ambulance for or to run to the hospital. I told them that if he ever did it again & turned blue I would definately call 911 no matter what they said! He had another seizure at day care one day. When the children were going back inside my son was sitting against a tree & wouldn't come in. The daycare lady went out to him & he couldn't respond to her. She also called the ambulance and went with him to the hospital. It scared her to death! I am so grateful she found him & called 911. Those were the only 2 times it happeed & I guess he outgrew them. He is almost 15 now & very healthy. I feel so sorry for Nathaniel's family!

CroutonBoy said...

On the road again....

BTW, just catching up after weeks off, and read the Nathanial story. Wow! Sorry you had to go through that, and my heart goes out to his family.

Oh, and Dave Matthews? Really? Can I help you out with some GOOD music?

apathy lounge said...

Graceland still has shag carpeting, so I know you won't even want to make a bid on it. Otherwise....come by and see me. The blog, I mean.

kimmyk said...

wow. that was quick. i mean the offer and the moving and the whirlwind that is about to happen.

congrats though on selling in a market where people are struggling.

good luck in nashvegas!