Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Genna's Lofty Goals

While I drove the girls to school this morning, I told Genna that she and I may fly to Indiana next weekend to visit Busia.

"Is Ella coming with us?" Genna asked.

"No, she will stay home with Daddy." I said.

"Yeah," said Ella, "When I turn 16 and am REALLY BRAVE, Mommy is going to take me to Paris so that I can see where Madeline lives!"

"OH YEAH?!" said Genna. "When I get really really big and REALLY, REALLY tall, I'm going to fly to NEW JERSEY!!!!!"


Lumpyheadsmom said...

First Indiana, then New Jersey, then THE WORLD!

HeatherK said...

New Jersey? That's too funny. Good luck with the trip.

kimmyk said...

boy she's gonna be disappointed.


Kia said...

LOL! Aren't kids the greatest??

Btw, I'm loving your blog. I linked here from Grumpoppotamus...