Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Fantasy Life is So Much Better Than My Real Life

While I haven't spent too much time thinking about it, there have been a couple of occasions where I have fantasized about seeing an ex-boyfriend and having him walk away, saddened that we parted. Don't act like you never have. Despite the fact that my exes are almost all complete assholes who really don't deserve to live, it is interesting to wonder what would happen if I saw any of them. My fantasy goes something like this: I am on a flight to somewhere. I am in first class. I am still a size 4. Ex is heading to his seat in the last row in coach. He has no idea that the man who will be sitting next to him smells like pee. Or maybe I am in a restaurant with my girlfriends. I am still a size 4. Ex is on the other side of the room trapped in a conversation with someone dull and boring and not, well, me.

In either scenario, the Ex sees me first, does a double-take, realizes it is moi, and come over to talk to me. I don't immediately recognize him until he tells me his name. Then I demurely apologize. After that, we have a pleasant exchange, and I learn that he is on his third divorce/just lost his job/went bankrupt/just got out of rehab/has open sores from some sort of venereal disease, etc. He learns that I have a great life, an awesome husband, two sweet kids and a house in the suburbs. He would know that I picked myself up and brushed myself off after he unceremoniously dumped me at my friend's college graduation party. He would figure out that, despite the fact that he dumped me while I was PLASTERED, I moved on. He would be amazed that I was able to go on, despite the fact that my drunken dumped ass managed to RUIN said friend's graduation party. He would have to admit that he let a Class A act slip through his fingers.

Hey--here's a picture of me at the Graduation party, just a few beers away from complete and utter humiliation. That's me on the far left. My friend, Tiana (the guest of honor) is right next to me.

The truth is, I live in fear of seeing any type of Ex, be it an ex-boyfriend or an ex-friend when I come home. I do a very good job of hiding from people who used to know me. I don't go to Dick's Bar. I don't go out to too many restaurants. I didn't go to my 20th high school reunion (although I heard I missed QUITE a time.) It really isn't that hard for me to avoid those I used to know. I look so different than I did in high school that I may get a strange look from someone, but I am gone before they figure out who I am.

I should have known that I was asking for trouble by not showering on Saturday. I should have had the foresight to look down at my feet with the chipped red polish and recognize that four weeks is way too long for me to go without a pedicure. I should have had the brains to look down and see that my cargo capris had grease stains on them. I should have had the common sense my mother gave me to change my shirt after I opened up a jar of salsa at dinner and had it explode on my boobs.

My fantasy has never included Ex spotting me in the frozen food section of the Super WalMart. It also never included the part where I look like I may be homeless. The only part of the fantasy that came true was the fact that he spotted me first.

Ex: Oh my gosh, is it really you Hausfrau?
Me: Oh no.

That was the best I could come up with--"Oh no."

I don't remember much of what I said to him. I do remember him saying that I looked good, but people HAVE to say that when they see someone they haven't seen in 17 years. I couldn't help but think he was going to reach in his wallet and hand me a $20 bill as I was pretty sure he didn't believe me when I told him that my husband is an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University. Or that I had a job. Or that my life was good. After about 30 seconds, I told him that my friends were waiting for me to bring back the ice cream that was in my hand and that it was good seeing him. I hauled ass out of the store, cursing the Gods for causing my fantasy to spiral out of my control. I was supposed to be hot. I was supposed to be AWESOME.
I sat in the car hitting my forehead on the steering wheel, saying over and over again, "Stupid Stupid Stupid!" Then I remembered yet another part of my fantasy that went unfulfilled. I didn't tell Ex that I had been sleeping with my now-husband anyway, and I didn't really understand why I got so upset when he dumped me. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

How could you not tell me this yesterday?!?!?!?! Nancy or no Nancy--- you should have told me!!!!!!!!

So did you score $20 or not?


Anonymous said...

Can I just say "OH MY GOD!!!" again??? Holy balls, I'm calling you RIGHT NOW!!!!


kia (good enough mama) said...

OMG!!! Worst nightmare. Well, that's probably not true, but still. My fantasy life is a lot like yours, except I'm still a size 2. Yeah, a 2. I can't believe I was ever a 2, but I was. Now, I'm very, VERY far from a 2. ;)

Sorry things didn't go the way you planned. Still though, it's awesome that you were sleeping with your now-husband when the ex broke up with you. You HAVE to find him again and make sure he knows this little diddy. ;)

Anonymous said...

OK...I think the shirt you are wearing in the grad picture actually belong to an ex. You didn't happen to find a dime bag in the front pocket??? Remember??? The ex was such a slime.


Laura Nelson said...

De-lurking to thank you. I think I just learned a lesson from you. From now on I will leave the house looking respectable. Although I have this feeling that murphy's law will then click in and I will never run into an ex...maybe it's better that way.

And I agree he should know you were sleeping with your future husband...that's good stuff

Elisa said...

oh, that's my worst nightmare. I have a similar fantasy life, and I also didn't go to my school reunion. But I want to go to the next one, in 7 years or so. And I want to be in the best shape of my life, have fabulous hair, eyebrows plucked to perfection. If not, I'm not going to this one either.

susan said...

I always run into someone I know at WalMart when I go looking my worst, like the time I ran into an old friend when I went shopping just to get out of the house when my son was about 5 days old. She looked great. I did not.

I only know the locations of two ex's and they are miles away. Not likely they'll come to Murfreesboro, TN.

I do live in fear of running into the people I taught with from the school I taught at last year. Don't want to do that until I get another teaching job.