Sunday, August 15, 2010

Facebook Killed My Blog

Recently, a few friends told me that they missed my blog and wanted to know if I was ever going to write again. Of course, I basked in the glow of their complements about my writing, but when I thought about it, I really didn't know if I was going to write anymore. Frankly, I couldn't remember the last time I had even looked at my blog. Not only have I not written, but I have all but stopped READING my favorite blogs that I have read for years. I used all kinds of excuses. My workload increased, the kids and their activities left me completely spent and unable to write. But I knew I was lying. I have always been busy, but that never stopped me from writing to bitch about how busy I am. The truth was, Facebook killed my blog.

Awhile back, I wrote about how Facebook completely sucked me into its warm, gossipy lair. While I recognized that I was sucked in, I didn't try to stop it. All of my favorite bloggers became my friends, so I was "seeing" them everyday. I started to update nearly everyday on my page. It was so much easier to upload a cute picture of the kids with a snappy quip about the cuteness I had just witnessed than to sit down and write about what was really going on in my day. I figured that my readership had dwindled to single digits, so who cares?

This morning, I happened to go into my blogger account and noticed that I hadn't written since November 3rd of LAST YEAR. I couldn't believe it had been that long. So much has happened since November 3rd of last year. Most of it I haven't posted on Facebook because I am not comfortable sharing anything that isn't cute with 280 of my closest friends and family. I then suddenly remembered why I started my blog in the first place. In 2005, I had just had my second child, relocated halfway across the country two months later, and was dealing with being a SAHM for the first time ever. Did I mention that I am pretty sure that I had postpartum depression at the time but didn't recognize it? I needed to write my blog for therapy, to instill some calm and sanity in what was a really rough period in my life.

It's time for therapy again.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see your back! I missed you. I check in from time to time and I almost fell off the chair when I saw a new post. Welcome back!

M&Co. said...

I too almost fell out of my chair when I saw you'd posted! Welcome back.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Aww, thanks. It's nice to be back.

kimmyk said...

where are you these days????

if you get this msg. facebook friend request me...miss you!

red pen mama said...

I am so glad your blog is back! Yay!

I can't do the Facebook thing. It's too much information — and once I leave a comment I get hit with fifty-eleven comments from people I barely know. Plus, I'm constantly resetting my privacy settings.

Twitter, however, I still love.

BTW, I have NO IDEA why I checked in here today. Thinking of you! (or y'all?) :)

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