Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Having a Can-Do Attitude

I say the word, "no" to my kids. A lot. And they don't like it; particularly Ella. She is getting to the age where kids she knows have cool stuff (or access to it) that she is Genna is right there with her. It's not that I get any type of joy in saying no to my girls--it's just that I don't want them to ever feel that they are entitled.

In the past few weeks, Ella has said that she would like her own laptop, a clubhouse, and her own television. She has since taken matters into her own hands.

Ella made a clubhouse (with Corey's help.)

Ella made a laptop. It even says, "Dell" on the lid.
Ella then made a television, with a remote control and installed it in her closet.

And then, she installed a television for her sister in her closet:

I love that my daughter isn't going to let the word, "no" get in the way of getting what she wants!


ClumberKim said...

Adorable. Have to work on that Dell thing though. :)

Anonymous said...

yea, but god help you, that's a double edged sword. good luck with that in a few years.

red pen mama said...

That shows creativity and initiative. I love it!

Monkey asked one of her day school teachers to draw her a computer. Even though she has a Vtech laptop at home and I let her play on my computer. Oy.


The Happy Housewife said...

So cute, and creative. I'll have to teach her how to make a Mac laptop next time though, lol!