Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ten Months Old!

Well Peaches, another month has gone by. You haven't really changed much, but that's OK by me.

You are continuing to be quite a challenge with your eating habits. One day you don't want baby food, the next day you only want bottles. You have discovered early that it is a woman's perogative to change her mind. Constantly. The one thing that isn't changing is your love of eating books. We are throwing away at least one of your sister's books a day because you are chewing them up and swallowing them. And while it's true your sister shoudl be doing a better job of keeping them away from you , at least you're getting some fiber.

Little bits and pieces of your personality are coming out. We are fairly certain that your quick temper is here to stay. I still don't know where you got it. You are quick to voice displeasure when we close doors to keep you out of rooms. Very quick. We now cannot tell the difference between your, "I'm hurt dammit" scream to your, "I'm pissed dammit" scream. Most of the day you are quite happy and content. Our friends called you "The Judge" this weekend, and it is so true. You stare at people so seriously and you look like you are sizing them up. Probably to figure out what part of their body you want to bite --their chin or their kneecaps.

Currently your favorite past times are opening drawers in the kitchen and swirling your hands around in the toilet. Eating toilet paper is also right up there. What is it with you and paper?! You are like a tiger lying in wait for an antelope when you are trying to get into the bathroom. The only time you have a shot at getting in is after your sister has gone to the bathroom. She is so excited that she has either peed or pooped that she runs out without flushing and closing the door. You LEAP into action as I decide whether to wipe the poop off the back of your sister's butt before she sits on the couch, or catch you before you fish for logs in the toilet.

Maybe I shouldn't be spoiling the surprise, but your father and I have made a promise. Tonight starts "Tough Love." We are done with the night time feedings. You are old enough to sleep through the night. We didn't have this challenge with your sister so this is new for us. Let me be clear: we are NOT getting up before 5:30 tomorrow morning to give you a bottle. Nope, not gonna happen. Even though it only takes 6 minutes to feed you and put you back down, we are done. No, really. Even though it is the only time you cuddle with me, I'm not doing it. I'm just not. So there.


Susan said...

My sister-in-law had a rule: NO ON IN THIS HOUSE EATS BEFORE 6:00 AM. And by god, she stuck to it, and her kids are GOOD sleepers and GREAT eaters. So it can be done!

And should I admit that I laughed out loud at your wipe the butt/stop the fishing dilemma? Probably not.

Happy birthday, Peaches! (She is SO cute.)

MetroDad said...

ADORABLE! I love that expression on Peaches' face. It could mean so many things. Looks like she's entertaining herself with a secret. I love it!

wordgirl said...

OMG! Her eyes are the same blue as the fabric on her highchair. Gorgeous...but plotting your demise. Can't you tell?q

Kristen said...

OH wow. Good luck with holding out on not feeding her at night! I was lucky with both kids (only speaking in terms of night sleeping here, don't get me wrong), and never had to go through the torture of listening to an older baby carry on about wanting a middle of the night feeding. The stories I've heard about this just make me cringe, though. Hang in there!!

Dutch said...

GOOD LUCK with the cessation of 24-hour dining privileges! Cripes, I hope it is an easy transition.

And she is too cute for words.

M&Co. said...

My eyes! My eyes! She is SO cute she burns my eyes. Oh my gawd you are so in trouble.

Good luck with that no eating between 12 and 6 am. My kids loved to sleep more than they loved to eat so that was never an issue for us.