Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I am counting down the hours until Herr comes back from Cambridge (10.5). Even though he has been the one with the enormous pressure to perform well in interviews so that he may be employed and provide for a family, I am selfish and am tired of him not being here. Sue me. I'm a baby. After he comes home tonight, he flies to New Jersey for the day on Monday to speak to his old employer as they want him back. After that, all interviews will be over. He got a head's up that he is getting an offer from a pharmaceutical company in Cambridge on Friday. While I am thrilled that he is getting offers, I am scared to live in a place where a 70's bi-level fixer upper that is 1800 sq. feet is a mere $450,000. And that is 45 minutes away from Boston. Sometimes I wish we never would have moved here. It took no time at all to get used to the midwestern suburban life with a home that would take me years to fill up with crap. It will be tougher to leave than I thought.

The girls and I went to our first Passover Seder last evening at my friend Leeann's house. It was really nice. The Haggadah was really interesting and long but I can't complain. The Jews were stuck in the desert for 40 years--what's a couple of hours before dinner? Leeann and her husband decided to mix it up a little by doing the Haggadah with puppets. I made my theatrical debut as Jochebed, Moses' Mother. The text was designed for school aged children and the songs lyrics were amusing and put to music like "Clementine" and "He'll Be Coming Around the Mountain." I was certain, however, that I ruined their seder because it was WAY past the girls' dinner time and they were FREAKS. I was the only solo parent with two small kids there, so there were a few looks of pity (and probably annoyance as well.) The food was AWESOME and I am anxiously awaiting Leeann's recipe for her brisket. I overheard her say it had barbeque sauce and Skyline Chili seasoning in it. I despise barbeque sauce, but this stuff kicked ass!

I have recently discovered that Baby Girl has several invisible friends. Most of them are real friends of hers who are just not at our house at the moment. She does have two friends who truly don't exist named "Daba" and "Bala." Initially, I was freaked out by her discussions and arguments that took place, but now they amuse me. The problem is that about the same time these "friends" started showing up, so did the lying. Baby Girl is now lying all the time. For example, I asked her yesterday to go up to her bedroom and put some socks on so that we could go to the store. Five minutes later, she was sitting on the steps barefoot.

"I asked you to put on socks. Please put some on."

"I can't."

"Yes you can." I said. "They are in the basket on your dresser. They are in the same place they were yesterday and the day before that."

"But Mommy, they aren't there," she whined.

"Well then find them," I said with gritted teeth.

"But Mommy, they're on the roof."


OTRgirl said...

My parents used to have a Seder dinner when we were little. It was definitely the LONGEST wait for dinner EVER. But, as you say, 40 years vs a couple hours . . . As a kid though, everytime they'd say, and now eat the ____, I would get excited. Food! Finally!!! And then it would be parsely dipped in salt water or something. Torture. Nothing but torture.

The Lamb at the end though? Made it all worth it.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Seriously, you leave us hanging like that?

Were the socks really on the roof? How did they get there?

Misfit Hausfrau said...

No--my girl is just a big ol' liar.

theyellowwallpaper said...

I hear you about moving back East. Having lived in Madison, WI for seven years, it was tough moving back out to New England even though I had gone to college in Boston. I know both the hubs and I hope to move out there someday again.

Susan said...

Henry's preschool is located at a Jewish temple, so he was out of school for Passover. And he seriously asked me about three dozen times what we were doing to celebrate.

But, see, we're not Jewish! So we went out for coffee and called it square. (We're not Christians, either, but you'd better believe the Easter Bunny will be coming this weekend. I need some chocolate).

Keep us posted on the Herr.

Kristen said...

That Dada and Bala sound like trouble makers, putting Baby Girl's socks on the roof like that. Sheesh!

adria said...

At least it is creative lying.

Martiel said...

i hate when my socks end up on the roof!

Stefanie said...

I'm so sorry that I put her socks on the roof and you thought she was lying. How embarrassing for all of us. I promise it won't happen again. But I may put her blanket in the freezer.

Velma said...

I sympathize with the move, really. After a year in western PA, then back to New England, the sticker shock was horrible. But, now we are settled for good and really, really happy to be back. I hope the same happens to the Hausfrau family.

L. said...

Yeah, our youngest has just discovered the power of untruth.

"Mama, I CAN`T, because ----" (as he quickly puts his hands inside his shirt "--- I have NO ARMS!"

kimmyk said...

Well at least she's not like you know stuffin crayons down her pants in the grocery store and blaming it on someone else like i useta.

i'm still in shock they didnt believe me...the nerve.