Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Recap

I am one tired Hausfrau, yo. The strong storms that whipped through the Midwest last night put my 3 year old into a frenzy, so there wasn't much sleep to be had. We live on a hill in our development and her bedroom faces the street. For some reason, the wind doesn't just blow against her windows, it SCREAMS and shrieks like a haunted house. I let her come to bed with me since Herr left yesterday for Wilmington, DE for his umpteenth interview. For only being 40 lbs, she is a massive bedhog who pushes and kicks. By 5AM we were both up and I was letting her watch television, just so I could TRY to make up for the time change. I think the only thing that will fix my tiredness is to go to bed after the 6 O'Clock News.

Sleeplessness aside, I had a fantastic weekend. Herr got back from Atlanta late Friday night so that he could wait on me hand and foot on Saturday we could spend time together on my birthday. Baby Girl started my morning off right by staring at me while I slept and singing a stunning rendition of "Happy Birthday." Then she promptly jumped on my stomach and asked me if I was getting a party, cake and candles. When I told her no, she got very upset. A 3 year old just doesn't understand that grownups do not need all that stuff. She started to cry and said that we needed to make a birthday cake, so I agreed that she could help me make one. She did a great job helping me and we let her frost the cake. Unfortunately, Bosco our dog found the cake on the kitchen island and destroyed most of it. It's for the best anyway as the last thing I need is cake.

A couple of things made my birthday super nice. First of all, Serendipity was on TBS during the girls' naptime. I try to watch any movie that my future second husband is in. That one, in particular gets me every single time. Secondly, we went to the Montgomery Inn for dinner. Jesus H. Christ it was good. The Montgomery Inn is a landmark in Cincinnati. We figured that we would really suck as individuals if we left this town without going there. We were not disappointed. I was so full that I could not eat my fabulous Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream from Graeters that is featured on the menu. However, the best part of my birthday was this:

I got the first season of V.I.P. For any of you who know me, you KNOW how much I love this show. It has everything--a very funny Pamela Anderson (I choose to believe she is funny, men choose to believe she is hot--whatever), it has the hot Asian guy from 21 Jump Street, it has drama, it has humor, it has a certain campy appeal that I just adore. I have many happy memories of lazing about on a Saturday afternoon watching this show. I even got Herr addicted to it. Now, listen up people--they are not going to release the other seasons unless the sales from the first season are good. So get those charge cards ready--Amazon has it for a good price--help a Hausfrau OUT!

Quite possibly the real best part of my birthday will be taking place this weekend. My girlfriends and I are meeting up in AKRON, OHIO because that's what all the cool 30-Somethings are doing these days--screw the Caribbean! Actually, we are spending an evening with my future sixth husband, David Sedaris (He's behind Herr, John Cusack, Scott Baio, Michael Vartan and Gabriel Byrne.) It doesn't matter that he is gay and living in Paris with his partner. He would be the husband who would make me pee my pants from laughing every single day. And since I will probably be wearing Depends by the time I have a sixth husband, it won't matter! YAY me!


Kristen said...

Happy birthday! Sorry about the terrible storms - my mom's house has the screaming windows too, and it is very scary to a three-year-old.

kimmyk said...

Happy belated birthday hope you had a great day! Sounds as if you did. Man those storms were wicked wicked.

I hope you guys have a great time in Akron.

IzzyMom said...

David Sedaris? You're so lucky! We never get anyone good around here unless one is a foodie, in which case, you might find it impressive that Tyler Florence will be here on Tuesday for grand opening of Wild Oats! Woohoo!

stefanierj said...

David Sedaris? OMG his book "Me Talk Prety One Day" made me WET MY PANTS laughing. Seriously.

Oh, and if you end up in SLC, lemme know. I did some serious recon on the real estate sitch there this weekend.

Happy birthday MH!

The June Cleaver Diaries said...

Didn't you have some story about Tyler Florence, from his Cafeteria days?

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Thanks Stefanierj--I am doubting the SLC thing will happen. Herr was not happy with the company, but they are planning to extend an offer. If they offer him a million dollars, I am sure he would suck it up and we would go. :)

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Yeah--my friend used to work with him in NYC when he got discovered by Food Network.

Kara said...

you know, David Sedaris could just be your best girlfriend and then you wouldn't have to give up the sex. just sayin.
glad to hear you had such a great day despite the storms and time change.
Update on the job front, please?

wordgirl said...

Oh yes...John Cusack. Absolutely.

Happy belated Birthday, Hausfrau!

MetroDad said...

Happy birthday, Misfit! Sounds like you've got a great celebration planned. And just to let you know, my wife has the same crushes as you. In fact, I caught her watching "Serendipity" TWICE this weekend! Criminey!

Anyway...Happy belated!

Susan said...

When we lived in Columbus, I always celebrated my birthday at Graeters. Mmmmm so yummy.

Happy birthday, Hausfrau! And many happy returns of the day!

adria said...

Happy Birthday!!!
It sounds like you had a wonderful day!
I was so shocked we have the same 2nd husband!

LoryKC said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

David Sedaris is yours---I love him but not like that ;)
...just stay away from Jon Stewart. ;)

OTRgirl said...

Montgomery Inn and Graeters? Yummm!

Scott Baio? Really?

I can totally support John, Micheal and Gabriel, but I don't know about Scott. . . I could be persuaded, but that crush was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

In any case, I'm glad your birthday ended better than it started. Cheers!