Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All's Well That Ends Well

We have returned from our baptism odyssey. It was a fantastic weekend. The weather was great, the girls were really good and my Mom hadn't been so healthy looking and vibrant in more than two years. We forgot to have someone take pictures of the event with our camera, so as soon as someone sends me some photos of the blessed day I will post some.

And now, I am back, trudging through the mundane. Our neighborhood is having a community garage sale this Friday and Saturday, so I am rummaging through my house to find things to sell.

It's not hard.

We have so much great stuff that just isn't right for our new home. For example, we haven't a single tree in our yard (weep), so there is no point in owning three yard rakes, two push brooms, and a tree trimmer. We have countless sets of curtains from the old house that are too small for the windows in our new house. I briefly considered using the curtains to make outfits for the girls but I kept hearing the soundtrack to "The Sound Of Music" in my head and thought better of it. Besides, my sewing skills are sorely lacking and the girls would turn out looking more like hobos than this or this .

We are selling all of our 200+ cd's (we moved everything to our I-Pod), an original Apple I-Book, the dining room chandalier that came with the house (we brought our old one), strollers (how many do we really need?) and our two dog backpacks. Yes, you read that correctly. When we were young and childless, we used to do things like travel the country with our dogs. And we bought them backpacks so that they could carry their own poo-bags, water and dogfood.

While I was pricing things last night, someone actually came up the driveway and asked to look around.

Three Days Early.

Since she was a neighbor and was a grandmotherly type, I didn't say no. She ended up buying some crap and didn't even haggle me. She even came back with her 7 year old grandson and showed him the stereo we are selling. I had no problem with it. The more I sell now, the less I have to deal with this crap on Friday since my husband will be at work and I will have to haul all of it into the driveway myself. I figure that two days of annoyance and then donating the rest is easier than dealing with Ebay, though not as profitable.

So if you happen to be in Cincinnati this weekend, feel free to stop by! Wish me luck!!!


Missy said...

Good Luck!! Glad your back and even gladder the baptism was a success. Can't wait to see pics!

Susan said...

I have some crap I would like to get rid of--want to swing by and pick it up?

And congratulations on surviving the dunking--er, baptism. We need pictures! Of you, even!

The June Cleaver Diaries said...

You sell the pot rack, and you die. We'll pick it up in November. I'm soooo excited about it!

Misfit Hausfrau said...

The pot rack stays in the basement collecting dust until you pick it up. I promise.