Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Night Dance Party

My favorite thing about Friday nights is the dance party we have after dinner. Baby Girl calls it "Party Dance." Here, she is dancing to House of Pain's, "Jump Around."

Still photos simply don't give her Wonderbread dance moves justice!

Party Dance Rocks!


Susan said...

That second picture is a hoot. And the tongue! Love the tongue. (Is that how you spell 'tongue'? Hey type it enough and it's not even a word any more . . . ) Does your husband dance or just observe? (Mine will NOT dance. Not even with the children.)

My boys like to dance to the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack. Henry really has the White Boy Groove down. Actually, he does more of an Elaine kind of thing.

Perhaps we could have a three-martini party dance.

Candace said...

My daughter can DANCE. My son just looks really, really sad.

Really sad.

He gets his rhythm from his father, who, ironically, is one of the best drummers in the entire universe.

kimmyk said...

Very cool pictures! I remember those days...mine though were to Barney's tunes. She's a sweetie!

Missy said...

very cute! much better in person I'm sure.

sweetviolet said...

we have dancing every night before bath. it gets us through the between dinner and bathtime crabbies. she's 9 months, so obviously we dance, and she gets carried around. it's an excellent workout.

Anonymous said...

Love the Shoes!!!

LoryKC said...

Love the pic with the tongue!
(That's how my son dances too!)

He is getting better but his moves still resemble Elaine's much of the time as well!

Now my daughter can swing her hips!
(Not sure that's a good thing?!)