Thursday, September 22, 2005

Potty Training Part Deux

Well, the potty training is moving right along. I have reduced the number of M&M's to four per pee and make Baby Girl sit on the potty quite a while so that she is not eating an entire daily diet of M&Ms. She got mad when I initially told her she gets 4 instead of 5. Now, I tell her she gets "Quatro" instead of "four" and she is PSYCHED! She has had no pee accidents since the weekend, so I think that's good.

Here's the dilemna: I think I have totally freaked her out about pooping. The last time she pooped in her pants (Monday) it was, by far, the worst ever! I MAY have freaked out a little bit. Not much, but I think she is now afraid to poop. And it is all my fault. Baby Girl eats a lot of fruit every day, so I am quite surprised that she hasn't done the deed since Monday. She has always been a regular child, if you know what I mean. I have asked her if she needs to go but she always says no.

A friend of mine suggested that I go to the Dollar Store and buy a bunch of 6 for $1 toys, wrap them in tissue paper and put them in a bowl. Then, everytime she poops on the potty, she will get one. The idea is that she gets excited about the surprise and it will eventually steer her away from food rewards. Well, I don't need to go to the Dollar Store. When we moved here, we kept half of her toys in the basement because I thought she had way too much stuff. I figure I will find all the small stuff and wrap it up. She has long forgotten these toys anyway.

I thought I would pump her up this morning about the whole pooping thing. I need to leave the house this morning as we haven't left since Sunday and I just KNOW that if there is pooping to occur, it WILL be at the Super Target.

"Hey Baby Girl, do you need to go poop on the potty?"

"No thank you, Mommy."

"Well, guess what, when you poop on the potty, you are going to get a surprise!"

"A SURPRISE?!?!?! Is it candy?"


"Is it applesauce?"


"Is it PUDDING?"


"Is it butter? I love butter!"


The June Cleaver Diaries said...

Do the butter--- it might speed things along, if ya know what I mean...

Mary P. said...

Nothing since Monday, huh? She's bound to have a little trouble passing whatever's accumulating in there - and if it hurts when she goes, she's going to get paranoid about it, and a vicious cycle begins.

My suggestion? Prune juice. Straight up, if she'll take it, otherwise mixed with just enough orange juice to make it palatable. Start with four ounces. Wait four hours. Repeat.

p.s. This is NOT your fault! Lots of kids "get" the pee before the solids. I've seen quite a few who would ask for a diaper just for the poop, and otherwise be completely diaper-free. (Not that I'm suggesting this at all. But it happens, because, well, because some kids are weird, is what. In my professional opinion.) :-)

Susan said...

Excuse me, ma'am, but you seem to have my pudding-and-butter-eating baby there. Can you send her back?

Misfit Hausfrau said...

SNM-Who WOULDN'T love butter as a surprise?!

Thanks Mary. As usual, your advice makes so much sense. When are you writing that parenting book anyway? I would buy that one!

Susan--I will gladly send her to you. As I write this, she has been shrieking in her bedroom for 35 minutes (this never happens.) I went up one time and gave her water, but I only go up once--that's my rule. Sigh.

adria said...

When my daughter would refuse to poop in the potty, I would have her pick a book to read while she sat there and I would set a timer for 10+ minutes. If she went, she would get a sticker for her sticker book. At that time those were the only stickers we had in the house, so it worked quite well. Eventually, she had her own stack of bathroom books to read while she tried to poop.

I wish you luck in this adventure. There is a light at the end of this long tunnel.