Monday, September 26, 2005

A Present!!!

Thursday, Baby Girl and I went to get the mail. When we opened the front door, a package was on our porch.

"What is it, Mommy? Is it a present for me?"

"Well, Sweetie, the box is addressed to me, so it might be for someone else in the house."

Secretly, I know darn well that the box is for Baby Girl. I just don't want her to go through life thinking that every box that comes to the house is for her. Which, in fact, they have been since December of 2002. The box was from my friend Erin , who is an Acting Coach and Director Extraordinaire. I admire her talents (many) and her wit (sharp) and her ability to be a snake charmer with children. While Erin is perfectly suited in her field, I could just as easily envision her opening up "Auntie Erin's Fabulous Daycare." The rooms would all be purple with stars on the walls, and there would be entire rooms with dress-up clothes for make believe. She would have incredble productions of Hamlet or Carousel or Spamalot performed by 2 and 3 year olds and they would be the talk of the town. I have a feeling that if I had 1/8th of Erin's abilities, my child would never be bored with me.

Once I got the box open, there was a cute little bunny for Peaches and a FABULOUS unicorn get-up for Baby Girl. She insisted on immediately wearing it and screamed, "I'M A HORSIE! I AM A HORSIE!" After I explained to her the differences between a unicorn and a horse, she informed me that her name was Dora (of course) and she was a unicorn and was going to go have some adventures. She spent all day wearing it and enjoyed prancing around.

She was quite proud and couldn't wait to show it to Daddy when he got home. She has since worn it to two banks, the grocery store, and Old Navy. She also insisted on wearing it when we took Peaches to the doctor, but opted at the last minute to remove it before going in. Her favorite way of wearing it is in the buff. That in of itself is not so surprising since she is now our resident Lady Godiva. The thank you card cannot be getting to Erin fast enough!!!!


The June Cleaver Diaries said...

Please tell me that's a tail and not a fur-thong.

She's too darn cute. And she has hair now!!!! Over Thanksgiving I will brush it and twirl it and put ribbons in it and curl it and can you tell I have only boys?!?!?!

kimmyk said...

omg how adorable!
that um tail thing hanging off her behind had me chucklin...looks like she sat on a cat!

McSwain said...

Awwww--ditto kimmy's comment about the cat, but how cute! Hopefully she wore it with other clothes to the grocery store, etc. :)

Rita said...

I might be wrong, but I think that is actually Barbie's "Pegasus" . . . the winged unicorn.

Have to check on that.

Susan said...

That is so cute! How do I get Erin to be my friend, too?

Charlie was a cow for Haloween last year; my mom bought him a little fleece cow suit which he wore THREE TIMES A WEEK until it was too hot to go out in it. Swear to god.

One day he went to Starbucks in the cow suit and his Wiggles slippers. Because Mommy really needs her coffee.

小小彬 said...