Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Should Have Stayed in the House

Hausfrau be illin', yo. I have contracted some gross cooties from my 9 month old. There is no way she suffered more than I am right now. Her demeanor was much more cheerful. My head feels like it is twice it's normal size what with all the SNOT stuck in there. It won't come out when I blow my nose--my ears just pop. And pop they do. I keep checking my ears to make sure they aren't bleeding. I am freezing cold (something I NEVER am) and I am running a fever.

So, of course it made perfect sense for me to go out and get the mail without my shoes and coat. It's only 20 degrees outside and it keeps spitting a snow-like substance, but whatever. I thought that the latest Cook's Illustrated or The Economist would be in the mail to cheer me up. I needn't have bothered.

This is what was in my mail today:

SIXTEEN CATALOGS. There are even two Target and L.L. Bean catalogs each because one apparently isn't enough. One could argue that it is the holidays and that this is bound to happen. However, this has happened at least once a week since we moved to Ohio. We never had this much crap mail in New Jersey. We had even put ourselves on a list to not get credit card offers in the mail and it WORKED--until we moved here. Now we are back to getting three of those a day.

I am done with my holiday shopping so these just aren't going to cut it when I go to my room to read this afternoon.


Autumn_clover said...

I'm a frequent visitor and love your blog. Just **fyi.... if you'd like to stop the credit card offers from coming again, you AND your husband need to call: 1-888-567-8688. I believe it stops the preapprovals from coming for a three year period. Since my hubby and I signed up, our mail carrier has thanked us whenever we see her. *smile Enjoy your day and keep bloggin'

M&Co. said...

Wow I use to be the catalog queenbut I think you've got me beat. I don't order as much by mail order as I use to and I think sometimes it's related somehow.

Jenette said...

You're done with your holiday shopping? You make me sick. Give me some pointers? I have one person finished. Otherwise, I haven't even started. Send me some of those catalogs! :):) Meet me at Old Navy-- I'll be shopping for maternity clothes, and you can unload your unwanted glossies! :) tee hee!

The June Cleaver Diaries said...

Snotty Girl, I think you're not really sick--- you're just jealous of MY illness and wanted a little attention. Oh, and nice "Stuffed Nose with Hacking Cough" effect on the phone today. Like I really believed THAT trick. Faker.

Susan said...

The real reason you are sick is because you taunted us with your I'm-finished-with-my-shopping crap. Cut that out.

And swig some TheraFlu. It will either cure you or knock you out. Either way, it's all good.

adria said...

That is the most mail I have ever seen delivered in one day.

I agree with Susan - have some Theraflu, it works wonders when you get the cooties.

kimmyk said...

sorry to hear you're sick!!!!

Ive gotten some of those in the past few days also and I gotta say I could drool at the Harry and David catalog for days.

How are ya done with your holiday shopping? People like you give last minute shoppers like me a bad name.

So wrong.

Get well soon! *grin*

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I do about 95% of my shopping online for the holidays. I like shopping, but doing it with children is wretched. I also find nothing fun about shopping in malls at Christmas. Besides, I didn't really buy much for the kids this year--they don't need it.

theyellowwallpaper said...

Holy Cow! I wonder if the influx of catalogs is the result of your shopping online? Just a thought.

Still I too find it incredibly impressive that you are done with your shopping. I haven't even figured out what to buy everyone yet. You inspire me Misfit Hausfrau. Perhaps I'll lock myself up this weekend and just get it done!

MIM said...

Ugh. We get a TON of crap here in California, too. I just end up recycling it all.

Feel better soon!

Jenorama said...

Hey, I can help you with your template-- saw your comment at friday playdate, and I had given Susan some tips. j creer at g mail dot com

Mary P. said...

Give them to the kids. Some scissors (or if that's too scarey, just let them tear) and glue and/or tape, and they can demolish a heap of magazines in short order. (Only don't give them the toy mags; it'll just give'em ideas.)

I salute you, almost-done one!

wordgirl said...

What? Did you say DONE with your holiday shopping? Sure...make the rest of us feel like crap.

LoryKC said...

Sounds like the same illness I had about a week or two ago. Feel better soon!!!

I also do most of my shopping online. Maybe that's why I get as many catalogs as you do...though I still don't get that one...I LOOK online too so I don't need all this glossy paper!
(Mary--good idea to give the catalogs to the kids--though my kids spot those toy catalogs before I can throw mine away so they cut and paste directly onto the Christmas list!! *sigh*)
(I also get TWO from Target and others so there are plenty if both kids want the same stuff!!!)