Thursday, July 28, 2005

87 Things About Me

1. I was born in a van down by the river. Kidding. I was born in a hospital in Indiana.
2. I was born on April 1, 1969.
3. I used to hate being born on April 1 because my friends would play mean tricks on me.
4. My Mom is Jean, My Dad was Arnold, My sister is Michelle.
5. I grew up in a small town in Indiana between South Bend and Chicago.
6. I am adopted.
7. I've always known.
8. My foster parents, Kitty and Chet, tried to adopt me but couldn't because the state felt they were too old.
9. They were my Godparents.
10. While my sister could pass for being blood-related, I did not.
11. I had a lot of problems dealing with my adoption as a youth.
12. I was convinced that Ginger from Gilligan's Island was my real mother (I had VERY red hair) and I would look for her in stores.
13. I grew up in a very strict household.
14. Lots of discipline, lots of chores. Oh, the chores!!
15. My father became disabled at the age of 41 (I was 6) after having a massive heart attack.
16. My father died on February 15, 2001. I think about him every single day.
17. I met my very first friend, Lorrie on the bus on the first day of kindergarten.
18. We are friends to this day and talk every few weeks.
19. I was your typical not-so-popular dork in school.
20. I was the editor of my high school yearbbook.
21. It did nothing to advance my journalism career.
22. It took me almost 7 years to graduate from Indiana University.
23. But I did.
24. I have a dual degree in Journalism and English with a minor in African American Studies.
25. I met my husband in college. His name is Corey.
26. We waited tables in the same Italian restaurant.
27. We have been married since November 23, 1993.
28. I realized I didn't want to be a journalist during my last semester after taking Media Ethics.
29. I went into publishing instead. Briefly.
30. My husband and I have lived in St. Louis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, suburban New Jersey, Cincinnati, Bethlehem, PA and soon Nashville.
31. We would move back to Pittsburgh in a New York minute.
32. I love beer.
33. I hate clowns. They scare me. Really.
34. I used to love to fly.
35. Now I am frightened to fly.
36. I took two human resources jobs in my past that required 30%-60% travel in the hopes that I would get over my fear.
37. I do, however, suck up my fear if I am going someplace fabulous.
38. I am blessed to have 8 girlfriends to whom I am quite close.
39. I would walk through a burning building for any of them.
40. After a cancer scare in college, one of my college friends located my birth mother.
41. She lived in a town 25 minutes away from where I grew up.
42. I wrote to her about 12 years ago requesting my medical history. She didn't respond until I threatend to show up on her doorstep (not very mature, I know.)
43. I had been told that I was one of several kids but I was given up for adoption.
44. It ended up that my birth mother had three children and kept one.
45. I found the one she kept.
46. She and I have met and she is very cool. We talk about once a week. Her mother doesn't know. Her mother also doesn't know that she knows about the two kids given up.
47. I am a registered Democrat.
48. Everyone else in my family is Republican.
49. I am Episcopalian.
50. I have two daughters.
51. Both of them have my maiden name for the middle names.
52. I love them so much that it aches.
53. Sometimes I will wake them up at night so that I can love on them.
54. I fear of waking up one day and losing everything I have.  That's pretty much what happened to my parents when my dad became ill.  I guess I am just waiting... 
55. I have so many favorite books.
56. I have several favorite movies. It depends on my mood.
57. Nothing makes me happier than being with my family and friends
58. I totally and completely sweat the small stuff.
59. I love coffee.
60. I love sour cream. And potatoes in all forms.
61. I really love shoes.
62. If I weren't on Weight Watchers, I would eat Kraft Macaroni & Cheese everyday.
63. I'm a pretty good cook.
64. I make good Polish food.
65. I have been to France twice.
66. My younger daughter was conceived there.
67. I love New York.
68. I love Maine.
69. I dislike liver and organ meats in general.
70. I still love going to concerts
71. I would like for David Sedaris to be my second gay husband
72. My friend Jen stood in line for several hours (with her 5 kids) at a Wilco show in Portland, Maine so that the band members would sign a onesie for my newborn daughter. It hangs proudly on my daughter's bedroom wall.
73. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. 
74. I love to travel.
75. I collect old postcards
76. I also collect china.
77. I sunburn very easily.
78. I was always told I was of Scottish heritage. Since meeting my birth sister, I have discovered I am Irish.
79. I used to smoke.
80. I really miss it sometimes.
81. I got high before I ever drank alcohol.
82. I didn't like getting high as it made me really hungry.
83. I have had a penpal from England since 6th grade. We finally met face-to-face last summer when she came to the States.
84. I love getting pedicures.
85. I am good at keeping secrets.
86. My first name is not easy to pronounce but it isn't foreign.
87. I wish I lived closer to my friends.


Susan said...

I also hate clowns and love pedicures.

And I, too, will wake the boys to give them some love (but god forbid they wake ME up).

Candace said...

My best friend (Foo) went to IU, at the same time you did.

Clowns suck.

sweetviolet said...

i'm quite surprised i just read 87 things about someone i don't know. you got me hooked with number 1, and i found the whole list fascinating. thanks.

Etchen said...

It's funny, but i too was hooked at #1. I too hate clowns but love the Food Channel and coffee.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your stuff for a while now. After reading your list I find we have a great deal in common. I am also adopted, but I have not been able to find my birth mother or my siblings. I have 2 kids, sunburn easily, used to smoke lots of those things.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I just realized this morning that several "things" I wrote must not have been saved, so they didn't make the list. Guess I had more than 87 after all. Someday I will update it.

kimmyk said...

Very cool list. You have a funny sense of humor. (THAT whole birthin by the river...crazy ass!)

I was adopted too, but..diff story here-

Very cool post. I always thought bout doing something like that-but I'm an open book, not so sure I can even think of 87 things, let alone 100.

It's good to have girl're blessed.

The Big Cheese said...

How long did it take you to write this? I can think of like 8 things and 2 of them involve poop. Ok, you are better then me. Are you happy now?

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Well big cheese--it took the better part of the evening. I think I had one or two that may have invloved poop, but I decided to keep those to myself.

Mainline Mom said...

What a great list! It makes me very interested in reading your blog more often. I guess I should create my own list.

Stevo said...

Re: #s 31 & 87 -


Stefanie said...

I love the Ol' 97's too. And I love liver (okay, of course I don't but does anyone?)

Stevo said...

Yeah, but you like Wilco...

and they really are quite average aren't they???

C'mon, when ya really listen to 'em...

I'm just sayin' is all...

Pax -


Marcie said...

Is the lady in your blog header the one sells Spry cooking lard? I checked out a book from the library about horrible food from the past and there were quite a few pages on her (really funny book!). Anyway, she looks familiar. Like your blog:)

Andie D. said...


I just now noticed you had an About Me list on your site.

I love reading these lists. Yours in particular!

I used to look for my birthmom in the crowd whenever we went to McDonalds. ??? Maybe because I knew she was young, and there were always a lot of young people there. I'm sure I freaked out more than one lady who noticed me staring and staring....

And what, 7 years is a long time for college graduation? Nah. In our generation, it's something to be proud of. ;)

Let me know when you finish up. I'm waiting for the remaining 13.

Anonymous said...

I read your 87 things. I loved you before I read it...I love you even more. I miss you.