Tuesday, July 26, 2005

And A Good Time Was Had By All

This was the view from our pool at the hotel.

Here are Annie and Jennie, preparing to entertain me when the plane takes off.

I guess they were having trouble finding food while I was gone...

Anywhoooo, I am back, refreshed from my weekend away in Philadelphia. We had a great time entertaining our friend Lisa who was due to have her baby on Friday, but didn't have it until 4:30 this morning (YAY!).

We spent Friday afternoon in the pool at the top of our hotel. It was quite strange to have the view from a pool be high-rises. We sat around reading trashy magazines and eating pringles. Later, we went to our friend Joe's bar, The Walnut Room on 17th and Walnut. Very Swanky!!!! It is so swanky that it doesn't even have a sign on the front door. It doesn't NEED one! After sipping on some champagne there, Joe joined us for dinner at Django. It is a very quaint 12 table restaurant with very expensive and yummy food. My friend Annie had to call for reservations a month in advance and could only get a table at 5PM or 10PM.

The next morning I spent puking my guts out and writhing in pain from a headache. It's embarrasing to admit that I might have been hung over--I only had two glasses of champagne and 2-3 glasses of red wine. However, I am a beer kind of a gal, so my low booze tolerance and the rich food from dinner must have done me in. You know you have good friends when they can sit and actually have a conversastion with each other ten feet away while you are throwing up because someone else beat you to the bathroom.

Two Aleve and a nap later, I was well enough to join the girls for pedicures and shopping. We topped the night off by going to Chinatown and getting takeout and eating it while watching a very bad Lifetime Movie.

Sunday morning we went to Jones for brunch which was WAY YUMMY! We couldn't believe how stoic Lisa was the entire weekend. I had my first child two weeks early I was a complete miserable bitch. Here she was two days overdue and fresh as a daisy!

I flew back to Pittsburgh with Annie and Jenny and then drove the four hours back to Cincinnati, where I cried for the first hour. Then I cried some more when I came home and woke up Baby Girl and Peaches so that I could hug and kiss them. I missed them so!!!


kimmyk said...

Aw. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! It does the mind and body good to get away and have fun with the girls. Good for you!!!

Congrats to your friend...did she have a baby boy or girl? Name?

Mary P. said...

Such fun.

The alcohol tolerance thing. The older I get, the lower my tolerance. Not while I'm drinking: I don't get raucously, embarrassingly drunk, but after. I, too, am more a beer girl, and I've had times lately where TWO pints, two little pints, and on a full stomach, have me feeling groggy and headachey for a couple of hours the next morning - a not-quite-hungover hangover. Geez.

Meantime, good friends, good fun, good food. Who could ask for more??

Mainline Mom said...

Wow, you were in Philly? That's where I'm from! I have never heard of any of the places you mentioned. Guess I need to check them out.