Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sooo Hungry...

I am so freaking hungry right now, I can't stand it. I just ate a hummus sandwich on a english muffin with low-fat cheese. Only one. I would like seven more.

Yes, I am on Day 2 of Weight Watchers.

If any of you have been on WW before, I am sure you are thinking, "Eat some carrots or cucumbers." or "Whenever I'M hungry, an apple always fills me up.

Hush it.

We all know that is a load of crap. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days of doing something for it to become a habit. Well, I have 19 more days of being completely bitched up before this flaming craving for salty snacks subsides. If I lose 10 lbs in those remaining 19 days, it will have been worth it. If I don't, there will be Hell to pay.

The thing is, I know it works. My husband and I did it two years ago before I got pregnant with Peaches. While I am grateful that he does it with me, I don't appreciate the fact that all he really did the last time was give up drinking beer and lost 30 lbs. in 2 months. I basically survived on oxygen and water and lost 25 lbs. after 4 months.

This time, I have to achieve my goal. I got hoodwinked into going to my 20 year class reunion in two years. I vowed after attending the 10 year reunion that I would never go again. Much too awful. However, my friend Chris really wants to go but only if I go with him. OF COURSE HE WANTS TO GO! He is gorgeous, tan and got a nose job (not that he needed one!)

So here I sit. Hungry. Irritated.

I wonder how my hair would taste with ranch dressing...


Candace said...

I am so with you. I am in a wedding in September. I am the only honor attendant at said wedding.

The difference? You're doing something while I'm sitting on my lazy ass eating roast beef with mayo on a bagel.

Yeah, I'm stupid.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

No you're not. You're normal. I'm not crazy about mayo, but I would LOVE some with roast beef on a bagel!

K said...

I've been stuck with an extra 30 since I had the twins (that would be 6 months). I've been (not)using eDiets for the past 3 months. So, my credit card gets charged for the menu/exercise routine, while I sit back and eat raw cookie dough. Apparantly, my computer is the only one sticking to the plan. And eDiets keeps sending me messages about what a great job I'm doing.
How nice!

Mary P. said...

Ah, that personal touch.

I had always been able to keep my weight in the range where I wanted it. But in recent years, it's been creeping insidiously upward, and now when I step on the scale, as I did this morning, I am about 20 pounds above what I've always considered normal for me.

Okay, I'm over forty. A certain extra poundage is normal. I could adjust to ten, but twenty? And there's no guarantee it's stopped, either.

I hate it. Time to get myself in hand. I made a psychologically significant step two weeks ago when I cut potato chips entirely from my diet. I figure I'm addicted, so, like an alcoholic, I can't just have one now and then. So it's cold turkey on the salty, fatty treats. So far, so good. Okay. That's step one.

Would I look like a geek going to WW, when I don't really look overweight, and have only 20 pounds to shed? The women in my family who have gone have all been a hundred or more pounds overweight, so I have this fear of getting there and being hated by every other person in the room...

Oops. Now I appear to be blogging on someone else's blog! Sorry for the long comment!