Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AHHHHH Tuesday

I have to say, Tuesday is rapidly becoming my favorite day. I showered before 8AM, ate breakfast, ran errands, put away laundry, got to go to the bathroom with the door closed, watched my cooking shows without being told to change the channel, cuddled with Peaches, ate lunch without hiding in my pantry, got to talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes AND got to read this week's trashy magazines uninterrupted.

Baby Girl is at daycare today!!!!!!!

Let me just start off by saying that I love Baby Girl. Truly, Madly, Deeply. However, if she wasn't going to the Goddard School 3 days a week, our entire family would suffer. I really REALLY mean that.

Baby Girl wasn't always Hell-On-Wheels. She was an AWESOME baby. She slept through the night at 6 weeks, cried only when hungry, traveled well and smiled happily at strangers. She became a really polite, even-keeled and very very funny kid.

Until November 2004 ( a month before her 2nd Birthday). The Chemist and I are now the proud parents of Sybil.

I do realize that a lot of crap has been thrown her way in recent months. Peaches was born in February, we sold our house two weeks after that, we've moved cross-country, got yanked out of her old daycare and placed into a new one. But since this behavior started before all that, I can't tell if this is JUST Terrible Twos or if it is also, "I am really PO'd at the two of you for Moving, " or "Where the F**K is my old daycare?" I am pretty sure she's not mad about the birth of Peaches. She has only bit her 3 times and really seems to love her.

Any time we tell other parents about her behavior, they nod knowingly and say "oh, yes--wait until she turns three. That's much worse."

God help me.


Candace said...

I think it either hits at two OR it hits at three. I don't think that if she's "bad" at two, she'll be worse at three.

My two were perfect (I say this with a straight face) until just around their third birthdays. Then all hell broke loose.

Then I have a friend whose two-year-old is like Damien with pigtails.

And I've seen two-year-olds from hell handle themselves much better after three.

What's really horrible is and eight-year-old. Dear God, deliver me from the demons.


Mary P. said...

I'm thinking it's both: this is a Terrible Two expressing "I am really PO'd", and "Where the F*k?"

It does NOT get worse at three! Three is one of my all-time favourite ages. (It can and does get worse at three, though, and then again at four, and at five, etc., etc, if you didn't get a handle on it at two.) And I like misfit's comment that it can hit at either two or three. I think she's on to something there. But not both.

Me, I find four the next hurdle. At two, they are hard-wired to resist, defy, and challenge. They can't help themselves - it's not personal. At four, they look you in the eye, defy you - and it's personal...

I used to play head games with my eldest when she was two. Ask her a question, she said no. Had no. Involuntary reflex to a question. Soooo...

"Sarah, do you want a cookie?" I'd say, sweetly, holding it out before her.
"Okay, then. I'll eat it." Again, very sweetly, but I wouldn't really bite the cookie I held before my open mouth, because I was waiting for it.
"Nooooo!!! My cookie!"

A win-win, right? She got to say "No", and get that cookie! Good parenting stategy, or what?

heeheeheee... Thus do we mothers keep our sanity.