Friday, June 24, 2005

Siriusly, Folks

May I tell you all how much I am thoroughly enjoying my Sirius Satellite Radio? I had no interest in getting it. I am an NPR girl for most of the day. However, I am also a Howard Stern fan, and can't bear to imagine not hearing him in the mornings once he leaves regular radio at the end of the year. It wasn't until we moved to this town and quickly discovered how abysmal the radio stations are here (the only decent one is a HIGH SCHOOL station, for Christ Sakes!)that prompted us to buy it 6 months early.

WELL, there is a station called 1st Wave that takes me back to my extremely happy, carefree and fun college days (as opposed to the sucky 18 years prior to college and the humdrum of Real Life now. There is NOTHING better than sitting out on my deck on a Friday evening listening to Depeche Mode, The The, Wall of Voodoo and New Order. Even better--a radio show on Friday Nights hosted by Fred Schneider of the B-52's. It's like the perfect mix tape from an old boyfriend.

Equally exciting is the announcement that Martha Stewart will soon roll out her station. I will be able to let my inner domestic diva out with a dose of Radio Martha.

I may be too busy to listen to Howard when he finally comes over...


Mary P. said...

Howard Stern and Martha Stewart. What an eclectic woman you are!

"...the perfect mix tape from an old boyfriend". What a great way of putting it!

Your description of your carefree college days is akin to my reaction - probably why I have the occasional bout of yearning to go get my Master's. In something. Anything.

But then I, being an Adult with Responsibilities (read mortgage, partner, kids) would be necessarily juggling school along with humdrum reality, thus turning school into another bit of that humdrum reality. Well, nuts! Just wouldn't be the same...

Misfit Hausfrau said...

It's funny--college was really hard for me (worked two jobs, took 6 years to finish, had an ABSOLUTE PSYCHO roommate for 6 months, blah blah, blah). But I had so much fun. I, too considered getting a Masters. Watching my husband be a complete slave for 6 1/2 years while he got his PhD cured me of ever wanting to go back. At this point, I think the most I could handle would be a one-day seminar given at a Community College on "How to E-Bay" or "Paper Airplanes for Dummies."

Candace said...

Isn't it great to find something that makes you happy?

Haven't done the Sirius yet; we may have to look into it.

I was accepted into a Master's program, found out I was pregnant with #1, attended for one semester, had the baby, never went back!

I'm now back in school studying to be a chef. It's sporadic attendance, as the kids are my first priority and with husband out-of-town 4 days a's difficult sometimes to squeeze in the classes.