Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Late Night Feedings

Peaches is going to be 5 months old on Sunday. I feel as though she is growing much too fast and I want it to stop.

Right now.

Peaches is sleeping from 7PM-6AM most nights now, which is awesome! But I didn't mind feeding her last night when she woke up at 1:45. My husband can't understand why she isn't always sleeping through the night like Baby Girl did. Peaches has pretty much done the opposite of Baby Girl in everything, so I am used to it now.

I know this sounds crazy (it could be my lack of sleep talking), but I'm not sure that I am ready for her to sleep through the night permanently just yet. I absolutely LOVE cuddling with her at that time of night. She's the type of girl who falls asleep while taking her bottle, so she usually goes back to her crib after about 15 minutes. Unless, of course, I find a movie. Last night it was "Japanese Story" with Toni Colette. Very sad...

I'm not sure why I feel this need to cuddle Peaches at night. Maybe it was because we don't actually plan on getting pregnant again. We want to adopt the next child as opposed to having one. Maybe it's because Baby Girl was in daycare full time until she was 6 months old because of my job, and I feel guilty about it. Who knows.

But for now, I will continue to enjoy the late night feedings until they cease...


Candace said...

I agree with you on the growing up too fast thing. It needs to end.

Can't say I'm with you on the late-night/early-morning feedings, but that's just because I hate having interrupted sleep.

I think "sleeping through the night" is generally an aberration. The random kid will do it, but most don't. I don't think people sleep through the night reliably until they're school-aged. From my anecdotal evidence, I should write a book about how we parents are hoodwinked into believing that a baby/small child will actually sleep through the night, all night every night.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

We were so spoiled with Baby Girl. She really did sleep through the night at six weeks. We were quite arrogant in thinking that would happen with Peaches. Now we know!

Mary P. said...

My sister told me that her children "slept through" at 4 weeks (!!), but when we discussed it, it turned out she was defining sleeping through as midnight till 4 a.m.


Everyone wakes up in the night. That's normal. Most of us glance at the clock, roll over, and go back to sleep. Infants don't, because need to feed. But, once they're through the infancy need to feed (6 monthsish), they can learn to go back to sleep on their own.

I'm glad you enjoy that middle of the night snuggle time. For me, Ms. I-need-my-nine-hours, it was almost always something I loathed. Much better that it be sweet!

K said...

Hey, some on over ANY TIME and cuddle with the twins. Ugh. I rock and snuggle the night feedings away, but inside I'm all kinds of bitched up, ready to go back to bed.