Friday, June 24, 2005

Baseball, Hotdogs and Cabbage

I was talking to my husband last night about the whale burger topic I wrote of yesterday. He said, "If you think that's stupid, you should read this."

Here it is , courtesy of BBC News:

Korea Bans Baseball Cabbage Pitch

A baseball pitcher's best friend?
South Korea's baseball authorities have banned a star pitcher from wearing frozen cabbage leaves in his cap to keep cool during games.
The Korean Baseball Association met in special session after cabbage leaves twice fell from Park Myung-Hwan's cap live on television.

After two hours, the committee ruled that cabbage was a "foreign substance" and therefore banned from the field.

Players may now only wear cabbage by presenting a doctor's note in advance.

Mr Park, who plays for Doosan, is currently ranked as the second-best pitcher in the eight-team South Korean baseball league.

He began keeping cabbage leaves in his cap last year after hearing that US baseball legend Babe Ruth used them to keep cool on the field.

"In common sense, it is difficult to consider that wearing a cabbage leaf will affect pitches," a KBO spokesman said.

"But since it has become a controversy, we decided to set a limit on the boundaries of foreign substances."

Mr Park said he was glad he helped to clarify a rule, but that he was planning to stop using cabbage anyway.

Does this mean that women will soon be banned from using cabbage leaves to sooth their engorged breasts?


Mary P. said...

Cabbage leaves and engorged breasts? I taught prenatal classes for ten years, and thought I'd heard it all, and had never heard this one before I came across it on a blog a month ago. Do you read Treppenwitz, too, or is this cabbage leaf thing just more popular than I'd realized?

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Cabbage leaves were quite the rage in central New Jersey, where my girls were born. My milk never came in for my first daughter, so I didn't even think about it. When Peaches was born a couple of months ago, I experienced the pain. I even bought some cabbage. But it was purple and I was afraid it would stain...

Candace said...

I've heard of the cabbage leaves; never tried them myself. I have a friend expecting number 2 very soon. Maybe I'll talk her into trying them.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

A couple of people I knew SWORE by the cabbage leaves

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Hey Mary-

I thought that Treppenwitz was the name of an author or prenatal books--Tee Hee!

Mary P said...

Oops. Should've been more specific. (There are only 400 billion blogs out there - whaddaya mean you don't know treppenwitz??)

As for engorged breasts? I was always partial to beer, myself. Ales, not lager. (In me, not on the breasts. If it's dark beer, the type of yeast in it is good for milk production! Or so I was told, and I've chosen to believe it ever since.)

But only one a day...sigh...

kimmyk said...

This is a first for me...I've never heard anything bout cabbage and my boobs. Putting food near my breasts only makes them more of a food source for my honey and well, that ain't happenin'. Next thing I'd know he'd wanna slap some corned beef and bun around 'em and call 'em dinner.

What the hell were we talkin bout? I seem to have lost my train of thought. My bad.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Hmm, Corned beef sandwich--damn, I just ordered Donato's Pizza.

Speaking of food--any of you Cincinnatians know of any decent Chinese? and Sushi? Since we moved here we have found good pizza, but that's about it.

WOW we are REALLY OFF TOPIC!!! HeeHee!

Candace said...

Foodwise, it usually depends on where you are in the city. And where oh where did you find good pizza? I've been disappointed with everything we've found.

Good Indian, though, there are only 3 places worth it: Ambar, India Palace, and Royal Taj.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Thanks Misfit--I'll have to remember the Indian places. I love Indian food. The pizza that has kept me happy is Donato's thin crust. When it comes to delivery pizza, I only eat thin crust pepperoni. Anything else, I make myself. I have been making quite the pig of myself with Donato's. I haven't tried any other pie, though. The only other take-out food we have had is Chinese and it was gross.